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Help Your Students Communicate in Spanish With Confidence!
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Students can communicate in Spanish! All they need are the tools and the confidence!


My mission is to support secondary Spanish teachers who want to transition from traditional grammar- and vocabulary-based language instruction to a more communicative approach.

My mantra is “Communication, not perfection!”


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Here’s what I’m all about!

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Scaffolded and differentiated resources help support students!

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Real-world communicative activities engage students!

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A focus on what students can do inspires students!

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Connecting cultural products to the values, perspectives, and beliefs those products represent turns students into global citizens!

Are you a secondary Spanish teacher who’s looking to feel energized and inspired? Do you want your lessons to be both engaging and pedagogically sound? Are you ready to feel a renewed sense of confidence in your students’ ability to communicate in Spanish, and in your own capacity to guide them down the path to proficiency?

You’re in the right place!

Who is La Profesora Inspiradora?

¡Hola! I’m Jennifer, aka La Profesora Inspiradora!

I’m a Spanish PhD with over 10 years of experience teaching students of all ages, from kindergarten up through college!

A few years ago, after doing a ton of research, I made the decision to ditch my textbook, and I’ve never looked back! The biggest game changer has been shifting from a mindset of trying to help my students learn grammar and vocabulary to one in which we use grammar and vocabulary as tools for communication.


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Ready-to-go Resources for Your Spanish class!

Here are some of my favorites! Click the images to learn more!


Link to Spanish Conversation Starter Bundle

Spanish Conversation Starter Bundle

These leveled Spanish conversation starters are a great way to get students speaking Spanish! The cards have questions on a wide variety of topics related to the environment, food, hobbies, health & wellness, and travel & vacations, so your students will never run out of things to talk about, and you don’t have to spend hours making lists of prompts!

Link to Environmental Activity Spanish Resource Bundle

Spanish Environment Activity Bundle

This bundle is a great way to save on all of my environmentally themed Spanish resources! You can use these activities to enrich your lesson plans and supplement your textbook to keep your students engaged while they practice speaking, listening, & writing skills, and reinforce vocabulary related to nature, wildlife, natural disasters, pollution, & more!

Link to Spanish Vocabulary Mega Activity Bundle

Spanish Vocabulary Mega Bundle

This mega bundle of Spanish vocabulary activities will help your students expand their Spanish vocabulary while strengthening their speaking, writing, and listening skills. Help your students move beyond rote memorization and use the target language meaningfully to talk about over a dozen topics, with more being added constantly!

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Image describing weekly emails from La Profesora Inspiradora