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Hello! I’m Jennifer, aka La Profesora Inspiradora

With a PhD from Yale University, you can trust me to bring the highest levels of expertise to the table. But don’t worry! I don’t live in an ivory tower! I also have over a decade of classroom experience teaching all levels of Spanish, from preschool through college, and I have administrative experience chairing the language department at my institution. I absolutely LOVE being in the trenches! I’m happiest when I’m in the classroom with my students, watching their confidence grow.

I’m always full of energy, and I like to describe myself as relentlessly optimistic! I believe that ALL students CAN communicate in Spanish, and it is my mission to empower them with the tools and techniques to help them communicate with confidence! Ready to join me on that mission? 


Jennifer Darrell in her graduation robes from Yale, snuggling her infant son

Start by connecting

with their struggle and then paint the picture through your words on the result you will provide for them.

Along the way make sure to bold certain areas of text for visual interest.

Write out a few different points on who you help.

Along the way make sure to bold certain areas of text for visual interest and at the end of this section, tell them where they should go next with a button!

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